ArchiCAD Commercial 19

A useful and flexible tool for construction information modeling and is perfect for architects and designers

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    3D Design

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    Commercial 19

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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  • Program available in:In English
  • Program license:Trial version
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    7.4 (11)

ArchiCAD is a useful design tool for entrepreneurial planners, designers, and architects. It is important to note that this program is not a universal tool like AutoCAD, so it is best for independent players in the design and construction fields.

Whether you prefer to complete your design in two or three dimensions, you will find ArchiCAD to be a helpful tool. The CineRender function gives users the abilities to see their designs in a more realistic view with a better perspective on the real world applications of their creations. The benefit of this is that users can see how everyday factors, such as light and shadows, will effect the look of the building.

ArchiCAD is a great tool for teams. The program's document management feature allows multiple users to store the items on which they are working and freely share the documents between themselves. ArchiCAD also features Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that allows multiple users to work on the same project without affecting their partners' work. The addition of the useful BIM software is one thing that ArchiCAD offers that its biggest competitor, AutoCAD, does not include at all.

The lack of standard procedures in ArchiCAD is the thing that may deter potential users from jumping into using it for their design program. Competitors like AutoCAD offer larger companies the uniformity they desire to keep all of their designers on the same page.


  • Offers great features for teams
  • Visualization software allows user to see what the project will look like the real world
  • Allows flexibility for the user.
  • Great detail and precision when creating designs


  • Larger companies tend to choose other design programs.
  • Lack of standard processes makes this program less universal than others.

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